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Lighting Schiefer testing facilities.

In 2009, European Parliament introduced legislation with regard to energy related products (ERP). This legislation aims at the reduction of CO2 emission in the EU to decrease by 20% in 2020 (compared to 2005). This legislation caused a boom to LED lighting and it's development. LED lighting gradually takes lead now.

A few exceptions left aside, this new legislation concerns all lamp technologies. This legislation aims to promote the development of energy efficient technologies in the European market. Because all lamps sold within the EU now must meet EU minimum standards in terms of performance and energy efficiency, any badly performing lamps are being banned from the European market.

Schiefer Lighting offers a complete range of light sources which fully meets the requirements of the ERP legislation. The R & D and marketing department ensures that all products Schiefer Lighting for the consumer market in its range record amply meet the performance and energy requirements established by the ERP. Also, the package of the light source is in accordance with the legislation, so that they can be sold without problem to consumers.

To maintain the high quality of our light sources Schiefer Lighting decided to expand its in house  testing capabilities.

With the advent of LED lights has become more difficult to test and continue to guarantee quality. The market is flooded with different kinds of LED lamps. The evaluation is at the moment so quickly that it is difficult to specify the appropriate lights to quality.

Schiefer Lighting test equipment Everfine GO SPEX500

In order to continue to guarantee the quality is appreciated Schiefer decided to invest in new in-house test equipment. The choice has become the Ever Fine GO SPEX500.
The Ever Fine GO SPEX500 we can all LED, halogen and incandescent lamps up to 3000 Watts AC and DC ("in-house") tests. The big advantage over the known Kugel von Ulbrich is that it can both omnidirectional- as reflector lamps can test extensively. With this investment, we can continue to ensure our quality and support. We do this by picking two random led lamps from each shipment and testing them extensively. Only when these led lamps meet the specifications and requirements we have set, will the led lamps be cleared for sale. If despite these quality tests, there proves to be something wrong with the led lamps, we will be able to trace them back through our records and thus take the necessary actions toward the factory.

Schiefer Lighting has been importing more than 25 years directly with various manufacturers worldwide. These light sources are made to our specifications and requirements. The major evaluation rate of LED light sources and the purchase of the Ever Fine GO SPEX500 we can better continue to guarantee our high quality and service in light sources.

  1. Schiefer Lighting test equipment

    GO-SPEX500 and Haas 2000.