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Lighting products

  1. Signal lamps

    Schiefer's basic program consists of sub-miniature, miniature and other signal lamps in incandescent and neon. This program consists of more than 2,000 different types. In an increasingly scarce market, Schiefer is one of the stronger players through Lighting and Trading due to the very large range.
  2. Special Incandenscent Lamps

    Schiefer has an extensive program of standard light bulbs in different voltages, from 6 to 260V. We also have a complete program of specials including navigation lights, car lights, switchboard lights, tube lights and various lamps for special applications.
  3. General Lighting Lamps

    In addition to old stocks of light bulbs, Schiefer can continue to serve customers outside of Europe with all kinds of household lamps via Trading. In addition, we apply an extensive program of specials in the household range such as traffic lights and oven lamps. Of course the lamps that are still permitted according to legislation such as pygmy and tube lamps <6cm, 11W versions (<60Lm) and colored lamps remain available. In short, Schiefer can still meet a large demand in the market with this program.
  4. (Eco) Halogen Lamps

    In this rage we also have older types still in stock, that according to the legislations cannot linger be imported to Europe. Schiefer can continue to serve customers outside of Europe with all kinds of (Eco)halogen lamps via Trading In closing Schiefer has a great number of unique specials in stock.
  5. (C)FL Lamps

    The CFL program in standard lighting via Schiefer Lighting is getting smaller and smaller due to declining demand in Europe. But Schiefer can still serve the market with a very extensive program, certainly via Schiefer Trading. In addition, the number of specials is increasing: all types of BLB, BLW or Germicidal from stock or available on request. In addition, the Fluorescent Tube program is increasing rapidly, as the big brands are further withdrawing from this market. In addition to T12 tubes, Schiefer has now expanded the program with colored TL5 tubes and various items in BLB, BLW and Germicidal in addition to the usual standard T5 and T8 tubes that Schiefer usually provides for its customers in OEM.
  6. Signal Led & Special Application Led Lamps

    Schiefer has a wide signal LED program to replace the small signal lamps. In addition, we have developed a number of special items in cooperation with various factories such as navigation LED, 10-60V versions, LEDs for car lights and other special applications. The big cornleds are also part of this program, where in Schiefer can now deliver many types and designs. Through our direct contacts in China, we are able to quickly develop many specials for our customers.
  7. Retrofit Led Lamps

    Next to the well-known program of filamentled, where Schiefer's distinguishing ability is the extensive program, high CRI value and high quality, Schiefer has an extensive program with 1 in 1 substitutes for all incandescent lamps in the general lighting range. Various versions in various Kelvin values, dimmable and non-dimmable, for professional applications as well as for commercial use. In our own brand SPL we have made a choice in the stock items for our customers, but we can offer hundreds of different versions on OEM and via Trading.
  8. HID Metalhalide Lamps

    Due to increasing demand, Schiefer started to offer these lamps on an OEM basis and via Trading. We aim to be able to offer our customers a standard program from stock soon.
  9. Lamp Holders, Adaptors & Parts

    Schiefer Lighting has been offering a basic program for these accessories for years. The program is very extensive and is collected from many different factories and collected for various customers. In addition to parts and loose glass, we also offer many types of loose feet that are further processed by other parties into a complete product.
  10. Ceiling fans

    We are able to provide you a beautiful product line of branded, high quality Beacon ceiling fans